Photo of the Week: Bayugan’s Fervent Children

Manobo and Visayan children at a hinterland school in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur, run by the nuns of the Missionary Sisters of Mary rehearse their repertoire for an inter-schools festival. They are quite fervent as they sing the national anthem and salute the flag although their plight tells a lot how the government they have pledged their loyalty to have acutely neglected them. Social services rarely reach their community and they only get to have a taste of government presence during election season and military operations when government agents and politicians promise them the moon and the stars. It won’t be long before they lose their innocence and come to ask basic questions and seek answers elsewhere.

Photo by T.W. TRINIDAD

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  1. thats ashame about the fiance lives in bayugan.and its bad there.the crime is going up and its poor.i pay for my fiance's schooling.well kinda.she has begged me to stop.or when i send money.she wont get it for like a week.she has 1 semester left and she is done.yay!!!!!

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