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  1. GMA as graduate from USA, did she still believe the Filipino capability of building a just nation? This is hard time seems century of tribulation from 1902 deception been enthroned, the empire aided by lies came to us (Filipinos)for economic/market purposes proclaimed as to civilize and Christianize, is actually a game of death. With this I don’t think if there is still a leader who are “friend” to US that has heart for people. US spirit is still powerful that can ruin the normal beat of a human. Man as he/she is with honesty or normalcy as human, naturally serve people as positioned to lead can manifest the goodness/greatness of the Cause designer, but the intimidated one in the kingdom of the intimidating bully ‘powerful police’ of the the world, I don’t think if language we are using still works (I hope and pray it will do), it is hard and very painful to watch people crying out the matter of the heart to leaders who don’t have heart. Matters of God and historical sense been ignored, this is what we got. We should go back to God, not ‘god which is not great’ (a god almighty SELF),instead death of trust to human to achieve for common good. This points to the greatness of real God.

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