Bulatlat Live Webcast: Bulatlatín, a Forum on the Role of Journalists to End the Culture of Impunity in the Philippines

Webcast of Bulatlatín, Bulatlat.com’s 9th anniversary forum on the role of journalists to end the culture of impunity in the Philippines, on Feb. 9 at the University of the Philippines. Speakers include Benjie Oliveros, managing editor of Bulatlat.com; Lovella de Castro, secretary-general, Karapatan; Mrs. Edita Burgos, president, Desaparecidos, Prof. Luis Teodoro, deputy director, Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility; Carlos H. Conde, editorial consultant, Bulatlat.com; Dean Rolando B. Tolentino, UP College of Mass Communications.

View the slideshow of the event.

Mrs. Edita Burgos, mother of desaparecido Jonas Burgos, talks about the media’s role of reporting the truth in times of tyranny and repression. Mrs. Burgos and her husband, the late Joe Burgos, published Malaya and We Forum during the Marcos dictatorship.

Prof. Luis Teodoro of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility and PJR Reports discusses the dominant media’s lack of attention on human-rights stories.

Carlos Conde, editorial consultant of Bulatlat.com, tackles how alternative media contribute in ending the culture of impunity through human-rights reporting.

Dean Roland Tolentino of the College of Mass Communications in University of the Philippines-Diliman shares the role of the academe in promoting human-rights reporting among journalism students. | Read his speech

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