Community Health Workers: Unsung Heroes of a Failed Health System

The situation is more severe and more felt in the countryside, where an estimated two out of three poor Filipinos live. These are the people that CBHPs serve in remote barangays and sitios where government services such as health are absent.

Thus, by arresting and torturing the 43 health workers, the Arroyo administration and its armed forces have twice committed a grave injustice — first against the victims and their families, and second against the countless poor people long neglected by government and that these health workers serve. (

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  1. When well meaning, people serving citizens are harassed and detained, it is a sign of a truly decaying society. STOP THE VIOLENCE. UPHOLD DEMOCRACY. RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS!


    Speak up! Participate! Vote for candidates who will make a difference. Vote for those with integrity.

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