2010 Elections: Party-list Groups, Representatives of the Marginalized

For migrant workers, Anakpawis supported House Bill 04833 or “An act declaring the Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration fund (OWWA fund) as direct services for OFWS fund,” House Resolution 00962 or “A resolution directing the committees on overseas workers affairs, labor and employment and economic affairs to conduct an investigation into the case of distressed overseas Filipino workers repatriated from Taiwan due to the global economic crisis and recommend measures,” House Resolution 00970 or “A resolution urging the national government to implement emergency relief measures to assist all workers displaced due to the worsening global and domestic economic crisis.”

On population and gender equality, it pushed for House Bill 03973 or”An act increasing maternity leave benefits from sixty (60) days to one hundred twenty (120) days or four months, amending for the purpose, P.D. 442, as amended by R.A. 7322, House Bill 02221 or “An act granting maternity leave benefits to unmarried pregnant women who are in government service,” House Bill 01137 or “An act providing for a secured and separate prison cell for female prisoners in every district, city and municipal jail, amending for the purpose section 63 of Republic Act no. 6975,” House Bill 00017 or “An act on giving for a national policy on reproductive health, responsible parenthood and population development,” House Bill 06025 or “An act instituting the Girl Scouts of the Philippine Charter, House Bill 01128 or bill requiring women’s and girls’ human rights awareness programs in media, House Bill 01130 or “An act incorporating education on women, girls and gender rights, equality and welfare in all levels of public and private schools have also been passed for approval at the Congress.”

Now, Anakpawis along with other progressive party-list groups still vow to continue sponsoring and pushing for bills and resolutions that promote the rights and welfare of majority of the Filipino people.

Whether inside Congress or in the parliament of the streets, Anakpawis believes in the power of collective action in pushing for the interests, rights and welfare of the toiling masses as well as other sectors in Philippine society. “The 1986 revolution could have not been successful if there were no protest rallies against the Marcos administration,” according to Allan Garcia, member of Anakpawis Partylist. Through mobilizations, the Filipinos were able to impeach former President Estrada. Mass mobilizations have also been proven effective in fighting for the people’s rights and welfare such as in delaying oil price increases, blocking oppressive tax measures, among others.

Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) Party list

(Photo courtesy of www.cibac.org)

Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) Party-list is a multi-sectoral organization committed to fight graft and corruption. Formed in the year 1997, it was among the first party-list groups to be elected in 1998. CIBAC has been an active participant in peaceful mass actions and mobilizations.

It has been instrumental in the filing of cases against government employees and public officials, including former President Joseph Estrada in 2001. It believes the prevailing culture of corruption in the government paralyzes and holds down development and hinders the government from serving the people.

CIBAC’s platform revolves around the issues of Basic Education and Culture, Civil Service and Professional Regulation, Economic Affairs, Energy, Good Government and Public Accountability, Overseas Workers Affairs, Public Information, Public Works and Highways, Suffrage and Electoral Reforms, Tourism, Trade and Industry, Transportations, Way and Means, and Youth and Sports Development.

In its 3 terms in the House of Representatives, CIBAC had a hand in several bills enacted into laws, some of these are: Republic Act 9485, an act which aims to improve the efficiency in the delivery of government services to the public by reducing bureaucratic red tape and preventing graft and corruption, and Republic Act 9406, an act reorganizing and strengthening the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO), amending for the purpose pertinent provisions of “Administrative Code of 1987”, granting special allowance to PAO officials and lawyers, and providing funds. Also, they continue to push for anti-corruption bills in congress; some of these are Freedom of Access to Information Bill, Access to Frontline Services Information Bill, and Anti-Red Tape Bill.

CIBAC nominees for this 2010 elections include Sherwin N. Tugna, Cinchona C. Gonzales, Armi Jane Borje, Emil Galang, and Carlos Muncada.

An Waray Party-list

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It’s not been too long since Senator Chiz Escudero endorsed An Waray Party-list for the 2010 elections. In his statement, he said that, “I am endorsing An Waray Party-List because I still believe in its programs for the youth. Its scholarship program is the biggest in Visayas. The organization believes in the youth sector’s great contribution to national development. “I also salute this organization in uplifting the state of the Warays through having efficient program suited to the needs of the Filipinos.”

Founded in 2001 by Manila-based former residents of Eastern Visayas, An Waray, meaning “those who do not have much in life,” is a political party that aims to uplift the lives of Warays (people coming from Eastern Visayas)

Guided by the party-list’s core values, An Waray’s main advocacies are to provide agricultural incomes for the marginalized sectors, primarily in the Visayas region, education, in order to eradicate the repeating cases of poverty, and active participation of the community in building social change.

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