Urban Poor Challenges New Administration


BAGUIO CITY — The Organisasyon ti Nakurapay nga Umili ti Syudad (ORNUS) and the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) challenged the newly-elected leaders of the country to fulfil their promises to the people.
According to Santos Mero, Deputy Secretary of CPA, the elected leaders should “address the main problems of the country such as poverty, environment and human rights violations.”

He said that the new leaders should keep to their promises during their campaigns. “Whatever they promised, they must fulfil and implement; they must give attention to the pressing issues confronting our country,” he said.

On the other hand, Geraldine Cacho, Katribu Chairperson of Baguio- Benguet, said they will bring their agenda to the newly elected local officials.

She also called on them to address the problems in the city especially those that concern the urban poor. The urban poor group ORNUS has drafted a people’s agenda detailing the issues faced by the urban poor communities of Baguio.

“Let us see how they will respond to these issues, how they will rid Baguio of corruption and garbage… how affordable and sufficient social services like housing, abundant potable water, and electricity would be delivered to the people,” Cacho said.

She added that the elected officials should stop the privatization or selling of Baguio resources, such as the City public market and the Athletic Bowl.

“I hope the newly elected leaders will not fail the people, especially those who voted for them,” she concluded.

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