Campus Journalists to Noy: What’s Next? (PR)

Press Release
November 20, 2010

“Human Rights Watch has already delivered its verdict: that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has aided the Ampatuans in its unquenchable quest for power. Our question for President Noynoy Aquino is, what’s next?” Trina Federis, College Editors Guild national president said.
New York-based Human Rights Watch delivered a report, indicting Arroyo of helping the Ampatuans gain weaponry and maintain political connections.

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“The Aquino government needs to answer, what next? It is in this direction the government must proceed. If it is to traverse the ‘daang matuwid’, then it should resolve the killings. Not just media killings, but the other extrajudicial killings as well.”
“President Aquino must ensure that justice is delivered swiftly, that impunity ends now. For as long as those responsible continue to walk free, there can be no justice, and there can be no reconciliation.”
Trina Federis, National President

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