Audio: Morong 43 Detainees Talk About Longing, Betrayal and Hope

On Dec. 10, several journalists were given the opportunity to interview members of the “Morong 43.” It was during the journalists’ visit that President Benigno S. Aquino III announced the withdrawal of charges against the detained health workers.

In these audio clips, Dr. Merry Mia Clamor, Angela Doloricon and Maria Teresa Quinawayan, three of the Morong 43, share their experience in detention, their longing for their respective families, their views of the human-rights situation in the Philippines and their desire for freedom.

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Maria Teresa Quinawayan, a midwife, reads a poem for her daughter.

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Dr. Merry Mia Clamor, a medical doctor, shares her views on the Philippines’s human-rights situation and why community health workers are important.

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Angela Doloricon, a community health worker, talks about how her family copes with her detention and why she feels betrayed by the state.

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