Workers Condemn Wyeth-Pfizer Bad Faith Bargaining (PR)

Media Release
31 January 2011

The Wyeth Philippines Progressive Workers Union (WPPWU-DFA-KMU) condemned pharmaceutical giant Wyeth-Pfizer Philippines’ continuing harrassment and intimidation of workers while remaining stern on the their plea for increased wages, retirement and separation pays.

Negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement between the union and the Wyeth-Pfizer management started on July 2010. A deadlock on the negotiations was declared after the management continued what the workers called “bargaining in bad faith.”

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Union president Dennis Galido disclosed that in the last day of the negotiations, the management suddenly refused to honor provisions which both parties have agreed upon in previous sessions and threatened the union that those provisions could be withdrawn or changed if both parties won’t be able to settle remaining agenda.

Following the deadlock, workers held picket-protests twice a week in front of Wyeth Philippines’ main office in Makati to air their demands. It was at this point that instances of harassments and intimidation by the management were reported. In informal talks with small groups of workers, the management encouraged workers to accept its offer while discrediting the union leadership. The management also issued several cases to more than a hundred workers without concrete evidence such as “loitering” and “malingering,” among others.

“The Wyeth-Pfizer management should heed our just demands for higher wages and retirement and separation pays, and rectify its treachery in refusing to honor our initial agreement. It should immediately stop the repressive and punitive measures that it is unleashing against our ranks. Our calls are just and we have been bargaining in earnest; we do not deserve its greedy and repressive response,” Galido said.

“The Wyeth-Pfizer management should stop using its alibi for refusing to heed our demands, that it is giving the highest wages in the industry, for it is also the number one in the industry. All we workers are asking for is a decent share of the fruits of our labor, and especially for our fellow workers who have contributed so much to the company,” he added.

Reference: Dennis Galido
Union President
Wyeth Philippine Progressive Workers Union (WPPWU-DFA-KMU)

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