News in Pictures: Progressive youth, students slam Aquino’s inaction on education crisis

MANILA — Progressive youth and students’ organization League of Filipino Students-National Capital Region (LFS-NCR) held a protest action today in Plaza Salamamca, Kalaw Avenue, to kick-off the start of the school year. The group condemned the administration of President Benigno S. Aquino III’s lack of program for the students as crisis persists in the education sector.

The group cited that the Aquino government’s neglect on education is becoming unforgivable. They urged Aquino to focus its attention on addressing the problem of lack teachers, classrooms, textbooks, laboratory facilities, comfort rooms and other pressing education-related concerns than adding two years to basic education and other anti-student policies. New programs must address the basic problems of education.

The group also protest on the other “ghost” miscellaneous of different schools. (Photos by Gregorio B. Dantes Jr. / (

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