Women Will Never Be at the Losing End of Fight for Pro-Poor and Comprehensive Health Care (PR)

JUNE 10, 2011

“As Congress closes for recess, I call on my fellow congressmen to go to their constituencies and listen to the marginalized women as they voice out their problems with access to comprehensive reproductive health care. With this simple act of opening their minds and ears, maybe we can start working on a comprehensive health bill that will truly respond to basic health needs of the marginalized women,” said Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Emmi De Jesus as she joined women in a forum in Marikina City.

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“We need a health bill that will respect women, not degrade them. We need a reproductive health bill that will not reduce women and blame them for the nation’s poverty because they have many children. We must work together to enshrine the women’s inherent right to full access to basic reproductive health services,” added Rep. De Jesus.

“GWP and the women remain committed to fight for a pro-poor, rights-based, scientific and comprehensive reproductive health bill. It is imperative that the reproductive health bill that we are crafting in Congress be framed on these tenets so that the voice of the marginalized and disadvantaged women can be recognized, respected and promoted. To this end, GWP will continue to work with its colleagues in Congress and co-authors of the RH bill in order to further improve on it and remove provisions that pertain to a population control framework,” ended GWP solon De Jesus.

Rep. Emmi de Jesus
Rep. Rowena Festin
Gabriela Women’s Party
“Babae, Bata, OFWs at Bayan…. Tuloy ang Laban!”

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