GPH Mayor Dano issues apology

September 26, 2011

SURIGAO City — The National Democratic Front Southern Mindanao releases an audio clip of GPH Mayor Henry Dano of Lingig, who is currently detained by the New People’s Army in relation to charges of serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL).

Said case involves his participation with the building and maintenance of a private armed group that is found to be protecting mining interest and supporting armed counterrevolutionary program of the GPH. In the audio clip, GPH Mayor Dano owed up to collaborating with the Armed Forces of the Philippines in the commission of such acts. He also sought to rectify his errors and asked to be given a chance to make amends for the benefit of the masses.

GPH Mayor Dano’s apology is a slap in the face of the Philippine Army which has again dismissed the legitimacy of the people’s court, the seriousness of the charges filed for the benefit of the suffering masses, and the NDF’s status of belligerency as the latter deals with arrested individuals, captives, or prisoners of war. #


Ako si Henry Dano, Mayor sa lungsod sa Lingig, probinsya sa Surigao del Sur, nangayo og pasaylo ngadto sa rebolusyonaryong kalihukan, partikular sa masa ug Bagong Hukbong Bayan, tungod sa akong mga binuhatan nga nakalapas sa mga balaod sa tawhanong katungod ug internasyunal nga balaod sa gubat.

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Kini nga akong binuhatan, sa pakig-alayon sa mga armadong tropa sa Armadong Kusog sa Pilipinas nga ubos sa Gobyerno sa Pilipinas niresulta sa akong ginaatubang nga kaso sa Hukumang Bayan sa Demokratikong Gobyerno sa Katawhan nga nakabase sa kabukiran.

Nagapanghinaot ako nga madawat ang akong pagpangayo og pasaylo ug mahatagan og kahigayonan nga magtul-id ug magbag-o alang sa kaayohan sa katawhan.*

English transcript:

I am Henry Dano, Mayor of the municipality of Lingig , province of Surigao del Sur, and I apologize to the revolutionary movement, in particular to the masses and to the New People’s Army, for my acts constituting violations to human rights and to international humanitarian law.

The commission of these acts, in collaboration with the armed troops of the Armed Forces of the Philippines under the Goverment of the Philippines, resulted in the charges that I am facing in the people’s court of the people’s democratic goverment that is based in the countryside.

I trust that my apology shall be accepted and that I will be given an opportunity to rectify my errors and change for the benefit of the masses.*

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