Oil price hikes: Oil cartel’s attacks on the people’s economic rights, deepen the Moros poverty situation (LTE)

Letter to the Editor
March 23, 2012

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The continuing oil price hike imposed by the three big oil companies, Shell, Caltex and Petron, is a basic human rights issue. It is a brazen oil cartel’s attack on the people’s economic rights with the Aquino government’s tacit consent. Both the US-led oil cartel and the foreign investments-dependent Aquino government use and blame the current political crisis raging in the Middle East countries as the reason behind the fluctuating prices of oil in the world market which likewise affects the local oil prices. This is half truth, if not a big lie. It is plain imperialist propaganda!

The Moro people accuse President Aquino’s foreign investments-dependent economic program which encourages the US-led oil cartel to impose unjust oil price hike with impunity. We are indignant that Aquino chose to continue the past administrations’ economic policies of liberalization, deregulation and privatization ignoring its adverse effects on the economy and people, especially the workers, peasants, urban poor, women, students, indigenous and Moro peoples. The highly opposed Oil Deregulation Law gives the oil companies unlimited right to hike the prices of oil products any time they want to rake in more profits.

The unreasonable and unjust oil price hikes deepen the Moros already impoverished situation brought about by widespread unemployment, landlessness and the still unresolved armed-conflict situation in Mindanao. The Moros, who are among the poorest in Philippine society, are hardest hit by the impact of the continuing oil price hike on the prices of basic goods and commodities, like food items. Today, more Moros go hungry and thousands of Moro children are suffering from severe malnutrition.

President Aquino should protect the poor and marginalized people’s rights and well-being from the greed for super profits of the oil cartel operating in the country led by Shell, Caltex and Petron.*****

Safrollah Ampaso
Liga ng Kabataang Moro – NCR

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  1. The London Brent oil price dropped to $123 per barrel in the Singapore spot market, then, why isn’t the oil price dropping in the Philippines?

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