Kadamay calls on urban poor nationwide to protest vs brutal demolition in Silverio Compound

April 23, 2012

We express our strongest condemnation of the brutal demolition of homes in Silverio Coumpound, the massacre of our brothers in the hands the Aquino administration. Aquino has only brought death and suffering to the toiling masses then in Hacienda Luista, and now in every urban poor community that he tried to demolish.

We express our condolences to the victims of the fascism of the state this afternoon. Our brothers have defended their homes till their death. We salute all the brave urban poor residents of Silverio Compound who were never threatened by the bullets, but remained strong as they stand for what they believe is right.

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Truly, the Aquino administration has not done any good to the urban poor. We are now calling on him to stop acting as our leaders if he only serves the interests of the ruling elites as Henry Sy.

Truly, the outrage of the urban poor will bring this government down for we have the numbers to overthrow a president if he well-acted against the best interest of almost a third of the population who comprise the sector.

Now, we call on every urban poor nationwide to go out of the street, and express our anger against the brutality of the Aquino administration. We vow to make Aquino pay for the lives of our brothers the we lost this afternoon.

For every home of the urban poor that Aquino government will tear down will be every family who will march the street calling for Aquino’s resignation. Aquino has finally unveiled himself as a true defender of the big business comprador and landlords as his uncle, the Ayalas and Henry Sy. It’s all up for the Filipino people to judge him. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

Gloria Arellano
Kadamay national secretary general

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  1. Respect and implement housing law. Area under PDA(Priority development area) should be awarded to the qualified beneficiaries regardless weather this government can provide adequate houses or not. Let those families pay for the lot and let them build their own houses. Census can identified who are suitable beneficiaries, so there are no reason why implementation can’t be done. The problem in housing is getting worst because government officials are selling lots that are appropriated for residential used and miss placing families that should be given opportunities to own them. Resettlement should only be implemented to those families living in unsafe environment so that this government will be able to solve or at least lessen housing problem. Let us reminds those government officials NOt to sell those lots and tell them that developments are not meant for community destruction.

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