Bulatlat Live: People’s SONA 2012

As President Benigno “Noynoy” C. Aquino III delivers his State of the Nation Address, progressive organizations will hold a protest action along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City today. They will criticize Aquino’s policies that did not serve the interests of the Filipino people.

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Separating perceptions from reality

A look at the concrete manifestations of the current situation, two years after the Aquino administration took the reins of government, reveals that the change that people expected is just wishful thinking as nothing much has changed except perhaps the public’s supposed still positive perception on the government, which is slowly being eroded by the worsening poverty and hunger resulting from the festering unemployment and underemployment problem and the spikes in prices of basic commodities and services. (Click here to read the entire article)

Rights violations under Aquino bear shades of Arroyo’s record

The Aquino government has not taken any action to address the impunity in extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations under Arroyo, thus, resulting in the continuing increase in human rights violations, which have taken the same pattern as during the dark days of the previous administration. (Click here to read the entire article)

Martial law victims slam Aquino’s inaction on indemnification bill

“We are sick and tired of Noynoy Aquino’s lipservice! We don’t want to see Malacanang pointing its finger on the Senate, like it did to the judiciary on the case of extrajudicial killings. The Senate is party to the delay of the Bill’s approval but Noynoy can hasten its passage if he wants to,” (Click here to read the entire article)

Aquino urged to stop privatization of water sector

“While countries abroad are reversing their privatization schemes, we are selling these services at a bargain despite its inimical costs to our people.” (Click here to read the entire article)

Women’s group decries Aquino’s ‘soured promises’

“For several months now, local movements all over the Philippines have been picketing local offices of the Department of Health to protest the Aquino administration’s drive to either sell off or corporatize 26 public hospitals.” – Gabriela (Click here to read the entire article)

Conditions of OFWs worsened under Aquino – migrant group

“While the government relies on the remittances of our OFWs to keep the economy afloat, there are still many cases of abused OFWs because the government continues to neglect them.” – Garry Martinez, Migrante (Click here to read the entire article)

SONA 2012: Broken contract, broken record?

The Aquino administration has to be measured against the urgent tasks needed to reform the economy. Unfortunately as the SONA nears, it is clear that there has been scant real progress and so-called Aquinomics has meant exclusionary growth. (Click here to read the entire article)

Exclusionary economics: How Aquino and Arroyos economics are the same

In his upcoming third State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Benigno Aquino III will surely attempt to highlight how the Philippine economy has improved under his watch to show how his administration is an improvement over its predecessor. (Click here to read the entire article)

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