UP Manila students slam ‘no late payment’ memo

MANILA – No money, no entry.

This is what the new memorandum issued by University of the Philippines Manila Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Josephine de Luna implies for implementing the “no late payment” scheme.

Students of UP Manila held a protest action against the new memorandum, posting “No Money, No Entry” placards all over campus last Friday, Nov. 23. They said the memorandum is “a brutal attack against their right to education.”

The memo states that “students who do not pay on the deadline for registration will, by default, not allowed to enter their classes despite having already acquired subjects.”

Mariz Zubiri, chairwoman of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Council said, “These policies are unacceptable for a supposed state-run university. It has become more evident that UP is no longer a university of the people, it’s clearly for the privileged who can pay.”

The students also lambasted the forcible leave-of-absence being imposed on students who fail to pay their tuition saying that the “no late payment” and “forced LOA” policies came about because the national government expects UP to pump-in a huge amount of income from school fees and commercialization schemes. “These are violations of our rights,” Zubiri said.

Photos courtesy of Anakbayan

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  1. I am an alumni of UP Manila ang I cannot believe this is happening in my beloved college

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