Police arrest residents opposed to demolition

MANILA — Residents put up a barricade at Agham Road in the Quezon Avenue and North Avenue intersection in a bid to block the demolition team July 1. The 30-day notice of eviction lapsed that day, threatening eviction for some 500 families whose houses are to be destroyed to give way to an 11.3-meter road-widening project along Agham Road.

Hundreds of residents formed a barricade against demolition led by Kadamay North Triangle and September 23 Movement, an alliance of North Triangle organizations. A series of violent confrontations occurred as policemen tried to break through the barricade.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) arrested some North Triangle residents. North Triangle has three urban poor communities which used to be home to 12,000 informal settler families. But the area was targeted for development as the Quezon City Central Business District. Within three months of Aquino’s presidency, residents of North Triangle resisted the violent demolition of their homes which resulted to a 7-hour standoff at EDSA on September 23, 2010. Since then, waves of demolition threats have affected the lives of North Triangle residents.

Photo by Jhun Dantes

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