#15YearsofBulatlat | ‘Committed in empowering the marginalized’ — campus journalists

CEGP-Flag-268x200With the shared advocacy of bringing the stories of the Filipino masses to a broad number of readers, campus journalists of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) congratulate online news magazine Bulatlat on its 15th anniversary.

Since its founding after the ouster Estrada administration in 2001, Bulatlat has been committed in empowering the marginalized by emphasizing their determination and struggle against the nine-year rule of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the following administration of Benigno S. Aquino III.

Bulatlat has published numerous stories and won accolades for investigative reports on the plight of the basic sectors of society, the peasant and workers, as well as the youth, women, urban poor, indigenous peoples and various topics on the rights of the people.

Together with the Guild and other alternative media groups, Bulatlat also continues to call for genuine press freedom in the Philippines. Bulatlat has actively participated in campaigns against journalist killings, military harassment, Right to Reply Bill, Cybercrime Prevention Act and other violations to the democratic rights of media practitioners and the people.

In 2014, Bulatlat and CEGP, along with other alternative news groups and media institutions, formed Altermidya: People’s Alternative Media Network to strengthen the unity of the alternative media all over the country.

As Bulatlat’s 15th anniversary also coincides with the 85th founding anniversary of the CEGP this year, we have high hopes that the alternative press will continue to spread and flourish to reach the largest number of audience as a contribution in organizing and mobilizing the masses for genuine social change.

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