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Extending CARPER?

The Catholic Bishops has been pushing for another extension of the CARPER because of the prevailing landlessness among the country’s peasant majority. The Aquino government has supposedly acquiesced and instructed its allies in Congress to extend CARPER.

Progressive farmers’ groups, on the other hand, are pushing not for another extension of CARPER but its version of agrarian reform, the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill.

And the debate is on.

10th year of Luisita massacre | Bloodstained yellow ribbons tied near Aquino’s home

MANILA — Ten years. No justice. To symbolize the outrage over the absence of justice for the victims of Hacienda Luisita massacre, farmworkers and human rights advocates tied bloodied yellow ribbons near the President’s ancestral home in Times st., Quezon City. Members of human rights alliance Karapatan and the Unyon ng mga Mangagawa sa Agrikultura…