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State of abandonment, state of terror

Looking at history, one can say that state abandonment is very much the official disposition on which the labor export system is hinged. The Philippine government is fundamentally inclined to function simply as what sociologist Robyn Rodriguez calls a “labor brokerage state,” an institutional apparatus that facilitates Filipinos’ outward labor traffic.

Bulatlatan Q&A | Citizens’ role in truth-telling

In this week’s Bulatlatan, Advocacy and publication officer of Ramento Project for Rights Defenders, Vaughn Geuseppe Alviar discusses citizen’s role on truth-telling. HOSTED BY REIN TARINAY EDITED BY AARON MACARAEG Rein Tarinay (RT): Mapagpalayang araw sa ating lahat! Welcome sa panibagong episode ng Bulatlatan. Bulatlatan is Bulatlat’s weekly podcast on pressing issues in the…

What makes a rebel different from a terrorist

The new Anti-Terrorism Act, which takes effect tomorrow, July 19, is being challenged before the Supreme Court by eight petitions so far filed by different groups. It should open an interesting debate, involving not just the activists and the political commentators but more so the general public which has often suffered the disastrous consequences of…