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The ignorance that kills

Within months of his coming to power in 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte’s profanities, tirades, threats, outrageous remarks about women, human rights, heads of foreign states, and what he was actually doing, had called the attention of international media — in Japan, the United States and Europe — to what was happening in the Philippines. As…

ni RAYMUND B. VILLANUEVA Bulatlat.com Ito’y isang nakakabagabag na tagpo: Oras ng tanghalian sa likod ng munisipyo Nagbibidahan ang kumakain sa tabi ko Isang kontratista at isang inhinyero. Nanalo raw ng proyekto ang kontratista Mangyari’y kaibigan ang isang konsehala Bukas na bukas di’y magbubutas ng kalsada Sabay subo sa masarsa niyang kaldereta Di nagpadaig ang…

Allies defend Aquino, progressive groups push for impeachment

“President Aquino knows that the DAP, which is basically an impoundment of budget funds and realigning these to nonexistent projects, is wrong. In fact, he filed a bill SB 3121 as senator illegalizing Pres. Gloria Arroyo’s impoundment of the budget without congressional approval. “ — Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares

The price you pay for freedom| Em Mijares’s story

“It is ironic that I was arrested for exercising my right to free speech during Independence Day itself…While politicians who have been stealing from the nation’s coffers are still free to do as they please, I, who was merely exercising my right, was immediately charged and my rights curtailed.” – Pio Emmanuel Mijares, 19-year-old student