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‘Loving God is loving the poor’ | RMP to continue serving marginalized communities amid relentless attacks

The sisters saw the need for medical assistance in rural communities and this led them to start community-based health programs. With the help of RMP’s partner health organizations and professionals, such as the Council for Health and Development, local community health workers in rural areas were trained to manage their own health programs, prepare herbal medicine, and teach alternative treatment like acupuncture and massage.

Clergywoman slapped with trumped-up charges for standing with the indigenous peoples

“She was also actively involved in many relief and rehabilitation programs for the most vulnerable communities and people in Mindoro. She supported and collaborated with the ecumenical organizations in advancing human rights advocacy, and offered sanctuary to those fleeing from violence and attacks.”

Remembering Richie Extremadura and the comfort women’s undying call for justice

Richie, former national coordinator of Lila Pilipina, passed away on August 25 due to anemia and complications from diabetes. Her leadership in Lila Pilipina pushed forward the fight of the comfort women movement for decades in the Philippines. Amid disinformation and wars of aggression, her legacy is worth remembering.