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In her speech during the #BlackFriday protest at the Rizal Park, Nov. 25, Mrs. Edita Burgos, then business manager of We Forum, an anti-Marcos dictatorship publication and wife of the late press freedom icon Jose Burgos Jr., speaks about the struggle for press freedom and civil liberties. She calls on the youth and the public to act now and never allow anyone to take away the rights fought for by the nation’s heroes

“Aquino would know what to do. Now is the opportunity to act on the cases of enforced disappearances. I hope he grants this opportunity to show the world he is sincere in helping victims of human rights violations find justice.” — Mrs. Edita Burgos

“Did it have to take so long for the Supreme Court to find out that the investigators made serious lapses? …the Supreme Court took five weeks short of 2 years simply to say that it cannot rule on the case because there were lapses in the investigation?” Mrs. Edita Burgos said in a letter to the justices dated June 23, a copy of which was sent to Bulatlat.

“The Philippine National Report is significant not for what it says but for what it does not say. It is a selective, one-sided, self-serving account of the Philippine government’s so-called achievements and best practices in fulfilling its human rights obligations. It is a brazen attempt to hide the truth and evade accountability for the Arroyo…