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Peace advocates, kin of detained peace consultant call for his release

“I would like to think that the real reason I am being detained – indefinitely if the kingpins of national security have their way – is that somehow I am contributing my share to the people’s struggles to overhaul this unjust and undemocratic system. Only diehard reactionaries would condemn this as a criminal act.”

Duterte, a confused and confusing president

“I have terminated the talks with the Reds – the Communist Party of the Philippines with [Jose Maria] Sison. Because in the series of agreements before, even [in] the time of Aquino, they entered into so many things that they scattered [sic] the privileges and power which they wanted. And we summed it all [up]…

Impunity scope widens; peace talks imperilled

Regular readers of the Philippine STAR have surely taken note of this paper’s series of editorials this week (the first week of President Duterte’s third year in office) dwelling on impunity and the rising cycle of violence in the country. Let’s review the key points raised by two of the editorials. On July 2 the…

Duterte’s ‘erratic, crass’ style is woe for the people

Today marks the completion of President Duterte’s first two years in office. The two years are capped by controversies over multiple issues that have been stirred by his cuss-laden off-the-cuff speeches which his administration minions, often than not, pick up as the crux or elements of Executive policy. His “erratic and crass leadership style” –…

NDFP could no longer negotiate with Duterte regime—Sison

In his strongest statement condemning Duterte’s repeated cancellation of formal talks yet, Sison said the Filipino people, especially the oppressed and exploited, cannot expect any benefit from negotiating with Duterte’s government, adding the president has broken so many promises related to the peace process.