Progressive congressman wants U.S. warships probed, seized

Bayan Muna Rep. Joel Virador this week urged local officials of Zamboanga City, southern Philippines to probe and seize a U.S. warship escorted by a gunboat reported to be anchored off the province on Oct. 11.

Virador said that “no foreign vessel is allowed to enter the Philippine coastal territory.” “Is this part of the anti-terror campaign of the government? Or is this another covert operation between the U.S. and the government which the Filipino people are not aware of?” Virador asked.

Under the guise of helping the Philippines fight “terrorism,” the BM congressman said that “the U.S. is seizing every opportunity to re-enter the Philippines and regain its military presence in the embattled island in order to reconsolidate its strategic presence in the Pacific.” (

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