Five Days of April in Iraq

Reuters: Two Iraqi Soldiers Killed, Three Wounded Near Baiji
Two soldiers were killed and three wounded when gunmen attacked their patrol near Baiji, 180 km (112 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

KUNA: Iraqi Civilian Killed, Five People Injured in Attack on Fuel Station
An Iraqi was killed and five others including a policeman were injured in an armed attack on a fuel station in Huwaija west of the Iraqi northern city of Kirkuk, police said on Monday.

Reuters: Gunmen Kill Sunni Imam in Kurkuk
Gunmen killed the Imam of a Sunni mosque in the oil city of Kirkuk, 250 km (155 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

AP: Two Truck Drivers Killed, Another Kidnapped North of Nibaie
North of the capital in Nibaie, gunmen killed two truck drivers and kidnapped another while they were carrying construction materials to the US military base in Balad, police said.

Reuters: Two Bodies Found Near Latifiya
Police said they found the blindfolded, mutilated bodies of two unknown people who had been shot dead near Latifiya, 40 km (25 miles) south of Baghdad.

AP: Two More Bodies Discovered in Baghdad
Police discovered two bodies in eastern Baghdad – one in Mashtal that was handcuffed and shot in the head, another in Baladiyat that was strangled and covered with bandages.

AFP: Student Killed in Baqubah
In Baquba, a university student was shot in the middle of the downtown market. Police speculated that the motive might have been because the student belonged to a Sunni political party or had a brother working as a translator for coalition forces.

AP: Three Bodies Found in Baghdad (update)
Police also discovered three bodies in eastern Baghdad neighborhoods. One in Mashtal was handcuffed and shot in the head, another in Baladiyat was strangled and covered with bandages, and the third was found in Sadr City, shot in the forehead.

04 April 2006

KUNA: British Military Patrol Attacked Near Basra, Casualties Unknown
A British military patrol was attacked by unknown gunmen armed with RPG’s and machineguns north of Basra city, said a spokesperson for the British forces. The source said that the two sides exchanged fire, but did not touch on any losses on both sides.

AP: Violence in Baghdad Claims Judge, Two Vendors and a Policeman
Assailants gunned down a judge driving in eastern Baghdad. In Dora gunmen killed an ice cream vendor and a person sitting with him in the vehicle, police said. A policeman who works at a morgue was also gunned down as he headed to his Dora home.

MEOnline: Civilian Killed at Tikrit Checkpoint, Truck Driver Kidnapped
One civilian was allegedly killed by US forces near a checkpoint, north of Tikrit, police said. In the same region, but in a separate incident, an Iraqi truck driver was kidnapped, police added.

MEOnline: Civilian Killed in Fatiha, Two Truck Drivers Killed near Dujail
One civilian was killed by a roadside bomb near Fatiha, north of the oil refining city of Baiji, while two truck drivers from a US base near Dujail were also shot dead by rebels.

MEOnline: Eighteen Bodies Found in Iraq
Of the 18 corpses found since Monday night, 17 were discovered around Baghdad, while one was found near the Tigris river in the village of al-Sherkat, 250 kilometers (157 miles) north of Baghdad.

KUNA: UAE FM Condemns Killing of Two UAE Embassy Staffers in Baghdad
UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Ben Zayed al Nehyan on Tuesday condemned an attack that targeted a UAE embassy car in Baghdad. Two Iraqi staffers of the UAE embassy were killed earlier on Tuesday when their car came under fire in Baghdad.

AP: Four Bodies Found Around Baghdad – update
Two were found near a highway in western Baghdad’s neighborhood of Khadra, and another in southwestern Baghdad’s Shurta district, shot in the head. The other was found floating in a small river south of the capital, police said.

Times Daily: Three More Bodies Found Around Baghdad
Police discovered three corpses. Two were found near a highway in western Baghdad’s neighborhood of Khadra, both handcuffed and showing signs of torture. The other, also handcuffed, was found floating in a small river south of the capital, police said.

AP: Gunmen Kill a Policeman in Basra, Another Wounded
In southern Iraq, gunmen killed a policeman and wounded another as the two were driving in the city of Basra, police said.

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