Tragedy of an Overseas Worker

One of the problems that an OFW confront there is the lack of medication. Allegedly, most employers in Lebanon are not concerned regarding the health of their employees.

OFW experiences

Cabbigat shared that an OFW from Samar, employed as domestic helper, was raped by his employer, employer’s son, and the employer’s son’s friend. When she found a way to escape, she immediately filed a case at the OWWA. The Agency paid $5,000 for the damages but the employer and the other culprits are still free. She is now in her hometown with her family.

Another woman from Pangasinan ran away from her abusive employer. Unfortunately, she was locked in jail because her employer told the police that she tried to escape and stole US $500,000. Until now, she is suffering in jail in Lebanon, Nordis learned.

“If our government can’t afford to protect and defend the rights of the migrant workers who are being abused and maltreated by their employers in the Middle East and other countries, then the government should have had the decency to stop deploying workers from the Philippines,” Cabbigat reiterated.

Labor export policy

The Philippine Government is very proud in exporting labor force to other countries. This is their remedy to the unemployment problem in our country, Nordis learned in a press conference by OFWs last week. These OFWs observed that while this labor export policy continues, many of our good doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals are migrating to get high-paying jobs. Only few are left to serve the needy, they observe, as this affects our economy and lose chance to attain quality services in hospitals and other public institutions.

Cabbigat has filed a case against the JIPA in relation with her contract. “The present administration must act now before it is too late,” she said. “We should not wait for more deaths and abuses before they (government) will act on it.” Northern Dispatch / (

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