By Flon Faurillo / Bulatlat

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has recently backtracked on her avowed pro-Charter change stance, in the wake of protests from various segments of society including major church groups. Her move was apparently intended to diffuse the outrage spawned by the Charter change drive, particularly the questionable manner in which House Resolution No. 1450 convening Congress into a constituent assembly was passed. Arroyo’s “backtracking,” however, is now less believable: A few days after the Dec. 17 broad rally led by the CBCP, she declared that there is still a need for Charter change “to overhaul the system.” Then her political party, KAMPI, announced that it is preparing a new petition for constitutional amendments through “people’s initiative.” House Speaker Jose de Venecia, one of the President’s staunchest allies, is also saying the push for Charter change goes on.

Salungguhit literally means to underline; figuratively, to underscore or highlight.

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