Systematic Suppression

The Arroyo administration seems bent on trying every trick in the bag just to undermine Engr. Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, star witness at the Senate investigations on the controversial National Broadband Network project. First he was sent off to Hong Kong just as he was set to appear before the Senate, then he was abducted upon his return to the Philippines. At the Senate hearings, pro-administration senators tried to attack his credibility, but to no avail. Following that was a raid by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on his former office, the Philippine Forestry Corporation – which was probably intended to intimidate him further, as well as to serve as warning to future whistle-blowers. Arroyo’s minions are doing all they can to suppress what is turning out to be the basic truth in this whole issue – that no less than the First Family is involved in the corruption scandals under this administration.

Vol. VIII, No. 3, February 17-23, 2008

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