A Call to All Bicolano Youth

(Starting with my Marcellana-Serrano-Roslin-Roson Lineage)

Posted by Bulatlat
Vol. VIII, No. 9, April 6-12, 2008

For almost a month now, our country’s cradle of democracy is being rocked with a gathering storm of contradictory concerns. Day by day, more and more people from different walks of life are awakening and voicing out their stand on the burning issues of the day. From the pulpit to the podium, from the cockpit to the classroom and from the internet to the war room, every citizen wants his/her view to be understood.

Although this turbulence has been simmering for the past months and years, it is only this month of love when the lid of the boiling pot is thrown open. Thanks to the courageous calculations of our fellow Bicolano, Jun Lozada because through him the dying of the light rages anew from the spark on that early hours of February 6, 2008.

From then on, several meetings, consultations, pronouncements and mass actions turned into various weekly protest marches and an interfaith rally of more than seventy-five thousand warm bodies. The signs of the times convey to us the exponential rise of this number as more and more Filipinos are fed up with the colossal cover-ups of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her greedy gang on the stinking criminal corruption of her government over and above the long standing state’s repression manifested by the numerous cases of extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, illegal arrests and detentions purportedly perpetrated by its security and paramilitary forces since 2001.

We are also witnessing now a qualitative leap from slumber to an arising populace who are banging pots, blowing whistles, honking horns, texting messages, airing their gripes and opinions demanding accountability, suggesting reforms and advocating the ouster of the oppressive, rotten and fascist US-Arroyo regime.

Amidst this people’s rising, the youths and student have displayed exemplary vigor and vitality in their collective actions. They are again in the limelight and according to their recent pronouncements, they vow to continue to strengthen and increase their ranks until the final resolution of this social upheaval in favor of the people’s interest.

In particular, the initiative of the students and teachers to bring the star witness in the NBN-ZTE scandal to the different campuses facilitates the speedy propagation of the issues aided by newspaper, radio, TV and other electronically communicative coverages that reach every corner of the land and even Filipinos abroad. Despite the harassments and intimidations, such campus-hopping materialized and even galvanized the militancy of the youth, students and teachers like what happened at PUP Sta. Mesa last February 28 when the state’s police forces out to sabotage the appearance of Jun Lozada before the PUP constituents through a bogus bomb threat were turned back by the defiance of the protesting students.

Instead of dampening their enthusiasm to join protest actions, they poured out in thousands into the streets on Feb. 29 and marched from different points of the metropolis to Makati City for the interfaith rally. And on March 6, they announced to launch a national boycott of classes to further awaken the youth and students all throughout the country. Furthermore, they will also attend the next big mass action on March 8 to support the struggle of the Filipino women against exploitation and oppression by the US-Arroyo regime and to join the celebration of the International Working Women’s Day.

Such activism of the youth and students way back in the 60’s and 70’s was manifested in the mammoth and militant protest actions during the First Quarter Storm of 1970. This was exhibited again during the 80’s culminating in the first people’s uprising at EDSA that drove Marcos, the fascist dictator at that time, out of the country. And again at the start of the next millennium culminating in the second people’s uprising at EDSA that drove Erap out of Malacañang. And now, this gathering storm is once again blowing the winds of change!

At this juncture of our history, you are called upon not only to be counted but to be an active participant in this social undertaking and an ardent advocate for the meaningful march of our countrymen to the attainment of a just and lasting peace, progressive economy and freedom! Posted by (Bulatlat.com)

Tito Eddik (Eduardo Serrano)
Political Prisoner
PNP Custodial Center
Camp Crame
March 2, 2008

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