Hunger and Poverty, Dissatisfaction, and Absence of Justice Reveal the True State of the Nation

Second, the organized sectors must be able to motivate people to act by explaining that we are worse off now not because of EDSA I and II or not because both people power uprisings were ineffective but because we were not able to push it further by demanding for substantial reforms.

Third, it must be able to provide different venues and different forms of protest where people can express their outrage. These would eventually converge into bigger mobilizations, enough to encourage more of the unorganized to join mass actions.

Waiting for two years is such a long time considering the rapid pace by which the people’s quality of life is deteriorating. In fact, every week counts as oil prices increase every week and food prices have already gone up by an average of 17.4 percent from its level last year. And we have not seen the last of price increases for the year. According to IBON Foundation, the rate of increase in prices this year is the fastest in the last decade and a half. Should we wait for hunger and poverty to worsen further? And besides, if the people would not be able to demonstrate the strength of their collective action now, we cannot expect any change even after the 2010 national elections. (

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