Contractualization in Gov’t Increasing

“This is due to the ‘professionalization of the bureaucracy program of the CSC, but in reality, this could be more as an effect of the series of streamlining efforts of the government which essentially required the non-hiring, non-renewal of contracts of contractual and casual employees,” Gaite further said. (To see the total number of employees who were coterminous, etc. please see Table 2)

Moreover, aside from the casuals and contractuals, there are also “Memorandum of Agreement” or “Contract of Service” employees, Job Order or J.O. employees, Talents and others who are essentially the same as contractuals.

“But there are cases where these employees have suffered even more. MOA employees are required to submit performance reports based on the agreement they entered into. At the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth, that employs more than half of its employees on a JO basis, the employees are made to pay for the notarial and other documentary requirements for their contracts. These contracts are valid only up to five months,” Gaite revealed. (For the number of JOs in regions and offices, please see Table 5)

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