Aklan Broadcaster Survives Slay Try


An Aklan broadcaster survived an assassination attempt by unknown gunmen last Jan. 2.

Cherie “Katribung Che” Indelible, 35, news director of dyYM (Community Broadcasting Information System), a local government-run radio station and anchorman of 98.5 Hot FM was riding his motorcycle on his way home in Kalibo City at 11:45 p.m. when he heard two gunshots apparently in his direction.

He was able to reach his house unhurt and immediately called the police. When he went outside a few minutes later, two more gun shots were fired forcing him to seek refuge inside the St. Jude Hospital a few meters away.

Reports said police were able to recover slugs and spent cartridges from .38 and .45 caliber guns near his house house.

Some hospital workers and the security guard saw the two gunmen hiding behind an electric post, Indelible said.

Police also informed him that they are now questioning three possible accomplices of the slay attempt. The three pointed to a certain Garmino and Salcedo, known to be involved in criminal activities in the area. The police are now conducting hot pursuit operations.

Indelible believes the assassination attempt is related to his commentaries. Anomalies in the audit findings of the Aklan Electrical Cooperative and issues surrounding the local government are just among the topics the broadcaster has been tackling in his programs.

He also received threats early last year, though there were none immediately prior to the incident.

Different local media organizations in Aklan have issued a joint resolution condemning the attack. (Bulatlat.com)

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