The Need for Genuine Change

People’s agenda

Dizon said, “We will challenge candidates, we will present to them the People’s Agenda.”

The People’s Agenda for Change are: 1) fight corruption, electoral fraud and vote-buying; work for greater transparency in government and accountability of public officials; 2) demand good governance: promotion of economic well-being and welfare of the people; provision of essential services; poverty alleviation; just and decisive resolution of the country’s debt problem; responsible stewardship of public funds and resources; leadership by example; effective peace and order measures while curbing abuses of the police and the military; 3) struggle for genuine land reform; work for food security, agricultural modernization and rural development; 4) work for the creation, development and protection of domestic industries to generate local jobs and uplift the people’s livelihood, produce goods for local consumption and lead to self-reliance and all-around economic progress.

Also included are: 5) uphold, protect and promote fundamental human rights; fight against systematic and wholesale violation of human rights; put an end to impunity by prosecuting and punishing human rights violators; 6) work for a just and lasting peace by addressing the underlying roots of armed conflicts; call on parties in contention to persevere in peace negotiations; 7) advance the struggle for equality of women in all spheres of endeavor and support efforts at ending violence against women.

8.) advance a cultural environment that is patriotic; upholds the common good and emphasizes service to the people; 9) oppose unbridled exploitation of the country’s natural resources; work for environmental protection and uphold development that preserves the national patrimony; 10) defend the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against foreign intervention; uphold friendly relations with other countries on the basis of mutual benefit, non-aggression and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs;11) uphold the democratic rights and legitimate struggle for cultural identity and self-determination of the Moro people and all indigenous peoples.

Dizon said they will conduct public forums to make known the stand of candidates on people’s issues.

Asked if the movement will endorse candidates, Dizon said it remains an open question. “Mas mahalaga, liwanagin sa tao na kung gusto natin na pagbabago, isulong ang reform agenda. Unahin natin ang kabayo kaysa sa cart.” (What is more important is to tell the public that if we want change, we must advance the reform agenda. Let the horse come first before the cart, so to speak.)

Dizon said though they bear no illusions that the people’s intervention in the 2010 elections will result in substantial change because traditional politicians continue to dominate the elections. He said the role of people’s organizations is significant in pushing for genuine change.(

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