When the Prey Strikes

Posted by Bulatlat

The Beasts
Blood thirsty beasts stalk them,
Watching them
From a distance at first,
Then slowly inching nearer,
And in a blink of an eye
Pounces on their prey
These beasts they know no mercy
They find satisfaction
In the agony of their prey
They live to kill

They Prey
They know they are being hunted,
That beasts are around somewhere drooling
Well aware that anytime
One of them could be devoured
But they do not scamper
They refuse to be paralyzed by fear
They draw strength in their number
They wait for the perfect time
To strike down the beasts

The Blow
The rampaging beasts know
Their reign of terror is bound to end
Their pangs and paws bleeding
From trying hard to cling to the throne
But the fall of the beasts is inevitable
When the prey delivers the final blow!

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