News in Pictures: Melissa Roxas Testifies Before Congress

For a running account of Melissa Roxas’s testimony, read Bulatlat’s Twitter feed.
Read her opening statement in Congress here.

Melissa Roxas takes her oath right before making her opening statement. (Photo by Fred E. Dabu)

CHR chair Leila de Lima (right) was also summoned by the House committee on human rights. (Photo by Fred E. Dabu)

Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo (left) and Rep. Edcel Lagman. (Photo by Fred E. Dabu)

Rep. Erin Tanada, chairman of the human-rights committee, shows the pictures of Roxas’s injuries. (Photo by Fred E. Dabu)

Melissa Roxas takes a glass of water during her emotional testimony. (Photo by Fred E. Dabu)

Melissa Roxas asserts that the military abducted and tortured her. (Photo by Fred E. Dabu)

Melissa Roxas and her lawyer Rex Fernandez. (Photo by Fred E. Dabu)

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