Slideshow: Clinton Visit an Affirmation of US Neocolonialism in Philippines

Text and photos by JANESS ANN J. ELLAO

MANILA –A day before US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Manila, progressive youth organizations staged a protest action in front of the US embassy in Manila to demand for the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement.

Some 70 students and youths from League of Filipino Students, Student Christian Movement of the Philippines, National Union of Students in the Philippines and College Editors Guild of the Philippines chanted ôScrap VFAö and ôUS troops, out now!ö

LFS secretary general Terry Ridon said Clinton’s visit is the best opportunity to show that the VFA is an insult to the Philippine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Clinton is expected to be in the country from November 12 to 13 to discuss disaster management with President Gloria Arroyo. But LFS said in a statement that no amount of humanitarian work by the US military during the recent typhoons can ever justify their continued presence in the country. Such humanitarian moves, according to Ridon, has always been used an excuse to legitimize US military intervention in the country.

“The continuing permanent presence of US troops is a complete throwback to the days of US colonialism in the country. It is proof that we remain under the beck and call of the Americans,” Ridon said. (

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  1. …philippines must learn to stand on its own not to be so very dependent to the US for who knows, what if tomorrow, the US will not be there anymore, then it would be very difficult in our every part as filipinos. there should be thorough team building with every filipino to rise up; help the country survive, help to improve the country to maximize the use of every resources to maximize growth.

  2. Philipinos!!!!! In order to move forward, you must take your feet out of the concrete of the past. Learn from it but not keep reliving it!! How in the world can you take care of yourself without the US when you can't even take care of yourself domestically. Learn to stand up and fight your own corrupt government. Your public schools are an absolute joke, your metro manila area is a cesspool and no one even cares!!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, BUT QUIT BLAMING THE US AND GLOBAL WARMING FOR YOUR LOT IN LIFE!!!

  3. The yanks should pull their troops out OFFICIALLY, but leave their equipment for the Philippine Military to use and leave officers on "adviser" status…of course, it wouldn't hurt for them to lend us a UAV squadron or two for intelligence purposes.

  4. I am an American and I believe that the United States should pull our troops from the Philippens, as well as Japan and many other nations. Having these bases on foriegn soil only hurts our image abroud. We have our own islands in the Pacific to put our military bases.

    I expand this idea further in this article.

  5. Imperyalismo Ibagsak!!!

  6. sulong mga kasama!!

    makatarungan ang pagkundinang ating ginawa ngaung araw!!

    palayasin ang kapangyarihang daang taon na saating nagpapahirap,ang imperyalismong estados unidos!!

    ang patuloy na pagpunta at pananatili ng prisensyang militar ng U.S sa ating bansa,ay malinaw na patunay na tayo ay hindi parin ganap na malaya!!

    tuloy-tuloy lang mga kasama!!

    hanggang sa tagumpay!!



  7. Today, is just the continuation of that invasion of the Americans. They have already invaded our education, political system, defense system, economic, our culture, our national psyche and the whole of our developmental layers, which is the interior and the genetic code of our nation.

    But because we are still aware of this, though bloodied, we will be unbowed and continue the resistance led by our

    elder warriors of 1899.

  8. Should we be surprised? After we were just born as a nation in 1898, the Americans invaded us in 1899. Led by Gen Ricarte, Gen Antonio Luna, Gen Miguel Malvar, Gen Lukban, Gen Tinio, Gen Sakay, Maj Torres Bugallón and many of our elder military officers at the infant stage of our defense system, we resisted fiercely. The Americans held our non-combatant families hostage. Many of us non-combatants were tortured. As a result, many of us either surrendered or 500,000 to 900,000 of us died. Our resistance weakened. The Americans overran our bases.

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