Ocampo, Maza Join NP’s Senate Slate, Support Villar-Legarda Ticket

Rep. Satur Ocampo and Rep. Liza Maza of the Makabayang Koalisyon ng Mamamayan (Makayaban) announced today that they have joined the Nacionalista Party ticket as senatorial guest candidates in the 2010 elections. They also said they are supporting the candidacy of Manny Villar for president and Loren Legarda for vice president.

Below is the statement the two progressive lawmakers released today:

This morning, we would like to announce our decision to join the senatorial ticket of the Nacionalista Party as adopted candidates for the 2010 elections. We likewise announce our support to Senators Manny Villar and Loren Legarda in their respective quests for the presidency and vice presidency.

Our decision is a result of several months of talks between the Makabayan coalition, the NP standard bearer Sen. Villar and his colleagues, as well as Sen. Legarda.

What clinched the alliance was the positive response of Sen. Villar and his party to the people’s issues that we presented to all the presidential
frontrunners. Of all the serious candidates for president, it was Sen. Villar who engaged us in earnest discussions on a common platform and
program. The result is a document titled “Response to the People’s Concerns” that will serve as our basis for working with the NP in the 2010 elections and beyond, hopefully under a Villar presidency.

Our main objective is to emancipate the people from widespread poverty and social injustice. Common to our platforms are following major concerns:

· the review of the policy on economic liberalization and “globalization” and the pursuit of self reliant and sustainable economic
development by adopting pro-Filipino and pro-environment agricultural and industrial programs and policies, including providing support and protection for farmers, manufacturers and workers in the face of the global economic crunch;

· the strengthening of agrarian reform through comprehensive and effective land distribution program and providing debt relief or condonation for indebted farmer beneficiaries;

· giving justice and compensation to the victims of human rights abuses from the regime of martial law to the present government and the immediate implementation of the recommendations of UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings Philip Alston;

· combatting graft and corruption and holding Mrs. Arroyo and other officials accountable for the charges of corruption and plunder, electoral fraud, human rights violations and other crimes; and

· review and renegotiation of the RP-US Visiting Forces Agreement and other unequal foreign treaties and agreements and the adoption of a foreign policy that respect national sovereignty and that is mutually beneficial.

While our positions may diverge on other issues, our common positions on a broad range of issues and advocacies are enough basis for us to forge cooperation in the 2010 elections and after.

The adoption by Sen. Villar and Legarda of the two Makabayan senatorial candidates show their positive regard to and openness to work with progressive forces in pursuing meaningful reforms in government and society.

We would like to thank Sen. Villar, Sen. Legarda and the Nacionalista Party for the opportunity to further serve our constituents and the people hopefully in the Senate.

At sa lahat, tuloy ang laban para sa bayan!

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