Women’s Group Lauds Comelec Ruling on Partylist Nominations; Calls for Disqualification of Mikey Arroyo

March 26, 2010
The militant women’s group GABRIELA welcomed the rules on the qualification of candidates for party-list representatives recently issue by the Commission on Elections and called on the poll body to immediately disqualify Mikey Arroyo from representing Ang Galing Party List.
“We hope this recent guideline will weed out the psuedo-representatives of fake party lists and help foil Macapagal-Arroyo’s back door scheme of using Malacañang-backed party lists to further dominate Congress because if there is one house that must not be built, it should be the House of Arroyos,” said Emmi De Jesus, GABRIELA vice chairperson and Gabriela Women’s Party Nominee.
The women’s group issued the statement today as they joined the call for housing services for urban poor families during the “Martsa ng Maralita.” 
“The proliferation of fake party lists defiles the essence of the party list system which is to in the halls of legislation the voice of the marginalized and unrepresented such as the urban poor.”

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“Thousands of poor families have lost their homes and livelihood during the 9-year term of Macapagal-Arroyo due to the government’s inability to provide adequate housing services. This is enough reason to stop all attempts of Arroyo to perpetuate power beyond June 30,” said de Jesus.
“Yet, the foundation Arroyo’s perpetuation in power is being fast-tracked as the elections nears,” continued de Jesus. She said that the fielding of Malacañang-backed party lists together with the Supreme Court decision allowing the president to appoint Chief of Justice right before elections issue and appointment of presidential allies in key positions in the military prove that Macapagal-Arroyo is consolidating her hold on the three branches of government.
“To ensure that Arroyo’s rule end June 30 this year we must ensure that the House of Arroyos do not break ground,” said de Jesus. “Women want change in the 2010 election and change starts with the end of Arroyo’s rule.” 

Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA Vice Chairperson/Gabriela Women’s Party Nomine

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