Disqualify Fake Partylists Misrepresenting Women – Gabriela

News Release
27 March 2010

The militant women’s group GABRIELA expressed disgust over the proliferation of fake party lists in this coming May elections.

“It is bad enough that the interests of the Filipino masses have long been ignored by a government historically dominated by the ruling class. Now, fake party lists con marginalized sectors and deny the underrepresented the opportunity to advance their legitimate issues in the legislature,” said Joms Salvador, GABRIELA deputy secretary general.

Salvador said that their group is concerned specifically of party lists misrepresenting women. The group cited Babae Ka as among the party lists backed by Malacañang. It said that as early as 2007, through a leaked memorandum from the Office of the President for External Affairs, Malacanang was already backing Babae Ka.

GABRIELA cited reports from its ground campaigners that Babae Ka recently held a campaign sortie in Tondo, Manila using an official vehicle of Malacañang.

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“If it is proven that Babae Ka is indeed using government resources for its campaign, then COMELEC should immediately move to disqualify it,” Salvador said.

GABRIELA has also received reports that Babae Ka has been working closely with the military and recently even gave GAD training in Camp Aguinaldo . “We will not be surprised if Babae Ka collaborates with the military in the on-going vilification campaign against progressive party lists especially GABRIELA.”

The group said they will pursue investigation of dubious women party lists and their nominees.

“We will not allow that the legitimate demands of women and children to be subverted by individual greed for power,” Salvador said.

The controversy over alleged Malacañang-backed party lists was spurred with the nomination of presidential son, Mikey Arroyo, for Ang Galing Party List, a party list which supposedly represents security guards.

“It is an affront that the party list system is being bastardized by Malacañang for Macapagal-Arroyo’s selfish interest,” Salvador concluded.

Joms Salvador, Deputy Secretary General, Gabriela

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