Corona Appointment a ‘Thorny Crown’ for Aquino

Press Release
May 12, 2010

Gloria Arroyo is passing a “thorny crown” to Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III with the appointment of Associate Justice Renato Corona to the chief justice post, labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno said Wednesday.

Corona, who was Arroyo’s former Presidential Chief of Staff and acting Executive Secretary, got the appointment for the highest judicial position just two days after the nationwide polls and five days before Chief Justice Reynato Puno retires.

“By appointing the justice who is most loyal to her to head the Supreme Court, Arroyo is passing a thorny crown to Sen. Aquino. She is leaving yet another ugly legacy to the next administration and to the Filipino people,” said KMU chairperson Elmer “Bong” Labog.

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“Clearly, Arroyo’s appointment of Corona raises questions as to how a ‘smooth transition’ to the next administration will happen. It will test Aquino’s resolve to undo Arroyo’s last-minute deals and appointments and to prosecute Arroyo,” he added.

Labog said with the Arroyo-appointed Corona heading the highest court, realizing the people’s demand to hold Arroyo accountable for all her crimes becomes more difficult.

“A chief justice Corona would simply junk all cases against Arroyo to free his master from prosecution. As for Sen. Aquino, his task is to not let that happen. He should make decisive moves against the appointment as soon as possible,” Labog said.

KMU said workers will not hesitate to mount actions to protest Corona’s appointment and challenges Sen. Aquino to do his part.

“Workers will remain vigilant even in the midst of praises for the automated polls. We know Arroyo’s machinations to escape the people’s ire remains alive,” Labog concluded. (

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