Prostituting the Judiciary

Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.
Founder, Las Pinas City Bar Association
Professor of Law, FEU (retired)

My worst nightmare as a member of the Bar, as a former law professor and as a local Bar leader has come!

Pres. Gloria Arroyo, a nonlawyer whose brain is programmed to do nothing else but to accumulate and perpetuate power and to insure her family dynasty’s political survival, has appointed her former senate chief of staff and Supreme Court Associate Justice Renato Corona as the new Chief Justice of the Philippines in replacement of Chief Justice Reynato Puno who retired on May 14, 2010.

The dreaded Arroyo Court is now finally and fully born and delivered! (Akin to a forced and traumatic caesarian section of the Philippine judiciary by an impostor ob-gyne).

If Arroyo thinks this is the end of the game and that she has won it, she better think twice.

The Filipino nation will not allow her to continue to prostitute, abuse, rape, intimidate, bribe and insult the Philippine justice system as what she has been doing since that great historical error and abnormality called Edsa II on the basis of which she craved for and assumed presidential power and insanely arrogated unto herself the status of a great deity in Philippine politics.

The credibility of the Supreme Court as an institution is at its lowest ebb at this time all because of the wrong (stupid is the better word) decisions it has recently made on controversial cases involving the vested political interests of the president and because of its weak vertebra and lack of an independent mind as a collegial body.

True to form, Pres. Arroyo ignores the will and the voice of the people (the very same sovereign people she had fooled in 2001 during Edsa II to enable her to assume power in the Palace).

Political survival is her topmost priority — damned be the future of the country, damned be the rule of law, damned be the fate of the justice system, and damned be the self-dignity of the Filipinos as a nation. (

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