Undocumented OFW gave birth to a triplet, seeks help from Filipino migrant rights group

Press Release
8 September 2010

After giving birth to a triplet sometime in December 2009, an undocumented OFW sought help from a Filipino migrant rights group in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to help her pay her hospital bills and other expenses and support for her nearly 6-month old triplet babies.

Receiving reports from the Kapatiran sa Gitnang Silangan (KGS), Migrante affiliate and member-organization, KGS Chairperson Eric Jocson informed Migrante-ME regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona requesting from the latter to help the undocumented OFW who had gave birth to triplets on December 4 last year from an undisclosed hospital in Riyadh.

KGS chairman Eric Jocson said Jessica T. Mayo, 30 years old, from La Union province, was hesitant to ask for assistance as she is an undocumented and that her pregnancy is out of wedlock, the reason why it took long for her to seek assistance from our group.

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“She has an outstanding hospitalization bill and incurred expenses, thus she is now seeking assistance from us; given her situation of having a triplets babies to feed and support, our Migrante leaders in Riyadh will do something that could be of help to her and her ‘tres Marias’,” Monterona added.

The subject OFW was deployed in Saudi Arabia sometime in 2006, but after a year working as domestic helper escaped from her abusive employer and became then an undocumented.

“We will endorse her case to the attention of the concerned RP post through its assistance to the nationals section (ANS) so that she and her children will be repatriated soon after we could raise the amount needed for payment of her hospitalization bill and other incurred expenses,” Monterona assured the mother of the triplet, OFW Jessica Mayo.

Monterona said he already conveyed to KGS-Migrante leaders in Riyadh through its chairman Eric Jocson to appeal to friends and fellow OFWs’ generosity for any assistance, material and monetary, for the triplet babies’ daily sustenance and other expenses, aside from the assistance coming from POLO-OWWA in Riyadh.

“We would like to ensure that OFW Jessica Mayo and her triplet babies will be properly assisted on their documentation so that they could be repatriated as soon as possible,” Monterona ended. (Bulatlat.com)

John Leonard Monterona
Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator

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