Youth solon urges DOT: Find ways to lessen expenditures

September 15, 2010

Show more, spend less.

Kabataan Partylist Representative Raymond Palatino today urged the Department of Tourism (DOT) to find ways ON how to improve Philippine tourism without the need to spend vast amountS of money.

“We already know that we are always running under a very small budget. Being a department who is always thinking of inventive ways for tourism, such creativity should also be used in finding ways to show more of the country while spending less,” said Palatino.

During the budget deliberations yesterday, DOT said that it allotted Php 100M for the overhauling of the agency’s website. DOT officials said they aim to transform the Dot website to a new web portal that will include 360-degree photography, digital marketing, and linkages to partner agencies, up-to-date information on events, hotels, airlines, resorts and the likes.

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He added, “It is intriguing to know they allotted too much to overhaul a website. This one portal to rule the world is costly, maintaining a website should not be that costly. We are not anti-technology, we are just saying that DOT should consider that the government is skimping on its meager budget. ”

Palatino pointed out in the deliberation that putting up a website is not that costly. Once a site is established, anyone in the world can gain access. DOT reduced the budget for China and India to accommodate the news media campaign.

“The bulk of DOT’s budget for promotions is focused on international tourists. This is understandable since the government wants to earn more tourist dollars. But the DOT should not forget that domestic tourism significantly increased this year. This means we can rely on our kababayans to expand the tourism industry. Because of the lingering financial crisis, we can’t depend too much on foreign markets. Filipinos should be encouraged to visit the different islands of the country,” he said.

As the agency explained that the new media campaign intends to cater the needs of foreign travelers, the young lawmaker asked them of their domestic tourism proposal and care of the natural resources.

“Overexploitation and overdevelopment of our islands have been one of the negative effects of tourism, take Boracay as an example. The government should implement measures in preserving our pristine natural resources. Promoting tourism to generate dollar revenues must be pursued without destroying our cultural and natural treasures.”

In light of the hostage-taking crisis, the youth solon said that the Philippines should learn the experience of Thailand.

“Thailand suffered more, there were closure of airports, red shirt protesters plaguing the streets yet they pulled it off. We should improve our ground transport, tourism and ICT infrastructures. Most especially, we should improve toilets. We should have new standard of toilets in the country,” he said. (

Office of Rep. Raymond ‘Mong’ Palatino
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Kabataan Party-list Rep. Mong Palatino

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