GWP Solon challenges P-Noy to compel Lucio Tan to respect the rights of PAL workers

Press Release

“Perhaps it is not easy to cross the second richest Filipino taipan. But I wonder what P-noy thinks is at stake for him if he, being the President of the Philippines, compels Lucio Tan to respect the Constutionally mandated obligation to “protect the rights of the workers and promote their welfare,” said Gabriela Women’s Party solon Emmi De Jesus following news reports of an impending lay-off of 2,500 PAL employees.

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“The PAL labor dispute is a serious concern for GWP not only because of the gender discrimination issue where its flight attendants are concerned. It is a GWP concern because what PAL intends to do is akin to putting thousands of families into slow death because of starvation in these times when the possibility of employment is vague,” Rep. De Jesus emphasized.

Tan owns Philippine Airlines, the official flag carrier of the Philippines. He also owns Allied Bank, Fortune Tobacco, Foremost Farms, Tanduay Distillers, Century Park Hotel in Manila, The Eton in Shanghai, International Bank Center in Xiamen, and the Charter House in Makati and Hong Kong. He is also the developer of 1,100 hectares The Eton south of Manila.

“And Lucio Tan is claiming that he is loosing his empire. PAL crying massive losses while Lucio Tan is listed as the second of Philippine’s richest is the epitome of greed. All these statistics of Tan’s enormous wealth from his diversified holdings tells the story of a man riding to the top out of amassing mind-boggling wealth through exploiting and oppressing his workers.” De Jesus quipped.

De Jesus promised to oblige the House Committee on Labor when the House of Representatives resumes its session come November 8 to immediately implement its promise to the workers made in August that it shall investigate the working condition of PAL’s workers. She also called on FASAP and PAL’s ground crew workers’ groups to “work together now and face their exploiter and his current coddler – Lucio Tan and President P-noy.” (

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