Tom Engelhardt: “US Has Unprecedented Imperial Military Presence in the World”

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The American military presence in the world is global, blogger and author Tom Engelhardt told RT.

“The Pentagon usually admits yearly to about 800 military bases or sites from macro to micro, but in their account they do not include anything in war zones,” he said. “It is particularly strange because bases traditionally more or less were the way you kept colonies, but for us the bases are actually the thing.”

“The US military now has a kind of secret military inside it and those are the special operations forces which have been incredibly beefed up and taken over certain activities that once were more CIA-type activities in the Bush and now Obama period… They are stationed now in 75 countries,” added Engelhardt. “There are only 192 countries in the UN – I think that is the latest figure – so you are talking about somewhere upwards of 40 percent just for special operations forces. It is a lot.”

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