News in Pictures: In Solidarity with Egyptian Protesters

MANILA — Member organizations of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan staged a protest action at Plaza Ferguson near the United States embassy today, February 1, to express their “steadfast solidarity with the Egyptian peoples’ struggle” against the “US-backed regime” of Hosni Mubarak. (Photo by Gregorio B. Dantes Jr. / (

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  1. I just wonder where some people in our entire world get thier information concerning any policy that the US has with any country. Peopl keep saying that Mubarak is backed by the US ! Really and how or where can they draw this information. yes we give the COUNTRY about 1.8 billion a year. Not Mubarak but the country. Most of their defence items all came from this money. Do you even know where this countery is located and what other countries are so close and why the need for aide to build up esp. the military there ? i think not. The US has not control what so ever over this coutnry. Please get ur facts straight. Joseph A De Pompa US MARINES. RET.

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