Amid Reyes Death, Authorities Must Step Up Probes on Military Corruption (PR)

News Release
February 8, 2011

Pagbabago! People’s Movement for Change today said that the apparent suicide of General Angelo Reyes should compel authorities probing alleged massive corruption within the military to step up their investigation and make those accountable to answer for their crimes.

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The group issued the statement as reports broke out that the former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has apparently committed suicide Tuesday morning. Reyes was implicated in the ongoing congressional probes on corruption in the military and the plea bargaining deal between the Ombudsman and ex-military comptroller General Carlos Garcia.
“This is an unfortunate event and we condole with the family of Gen. Reyes. But it is in the national interest that his death should not in any way derail the investigations being conducted by the Senate and the House. On the contrary, these probes must intensify to get those involved, whether military or civilian officials, accountable”, Fr. Joe Dizon, Pagbabago! spokesperson said.
Dizon said that Reyes, who also served as a Secretary of various Cabinet departments under the administration of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, could have helped shed light on the systemic corruption not only within the military but also the civilian bureaucracy in the previous regime.
“Sadly, he chose to remain silent up to the very end. I hope that this will also serve as wake up call to all those who must answer the people’s demand for justice. Only the truth can give us true peace of mind,” added Dizon.
Pagbabago! also said that the people must continue to support former state auditor Heidi Mendoza, former AFP budget officer Colonel George Rabusa, and others who have come forward to reveal the extent and intricacies of corruption in the AFP.

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  1. ayus lang bitayin pa ang mga corrupt lahat na opisyales mapa military man o government official..kung di na kaya ng konsensya mo at totoo talagng ginaw amo MAGPAKAMATAYA ka nalang tama lang yan! pARA solved ang problema nyo!kya lang, may batas ang DIOS bawal KITILIN ANG SARILING BUHAY ameen ….nag nag antay ka nalang sanang ikulong ka at hatulan ng taing bayan GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt.bahala nga kayo sa buhay nyo basta kami may 75,000 sr sa NCB ang iba 15,000 mil lang nimrod…

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