NPA Commander Parago, Confident of the Advance of the Revolution

Before the Panabo PNP headquarters raid, a seven-day strike was launched by the Merardo Arce Command in several guerrilla fronts covering Davao del Norte, Compostela Valley Province and Agusan del Sur. The NPA claims the series of eight tactical offensives on March 9 to 15 resulted in the killing of seven combatants and wounding 18 others.

The recent attack on the PNP headquarters in Panabo City “underscores the superiority of guerrilla warfare even in the face of massive enemy forces and further exposes the inherent weaknesses and vulnerability of the armed enemy in the face of an ever expanding and deepening revolutionary mass base,” Pitao said in an official statement.

There is more than enough basis for the advance of the people’s war to the next stage, Pitao confidently states. “The requirements for strategic stalemate will be completed, and it is not very far from now.”

The NPA celebrates its 42nd founding anniversary on March 29. (

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  1. WTF! ==> This is not a war between the military and the NPA but the struggle of the masses for genuine change and democracy. <== Are you really that stupid and dumb to say this? Your communist so why say democracy??!! Communism is complete control of the masses and killing the intellectuals. Stupid idiot! If our government is super corrupt, communism is GALACTICA corrupt. Ony the politburo or socialist party will be rich and the masses will be poor and total control. Time and time again communism never works and never will. There is no so called all people equal because history tells you that.

  2. we should join our hands together in order to achieve the democracy and true justice. we cant expect any help from the gov’t, the only thing and our hope is the ccp-npa! mabuhay kayo!

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