PASAKA scores Quiboloy, 84th IB soldiers for bulldozing ancestral lands

DAVAO CITY– Three years after their datu leader was killed, the Kahugpongan sa mga Lumad (KSL) together with PASAKA Regional Confederation of Lumad Organizations in Southern Mindanao in a press conference today condemned the latest threats and harassment by forces believed to be Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s private army and the military soldiers under 84th Infantry Battalion against the Bagobo-C’lata lumad residents in Sitio Kahusayan, Brgy. Manuel Guianga, Tugbok District.

Quiboloy ordered a road construction in the area, and just a day after 3 backhoe units were brought in the area, 84th IB soldiers also begun their patrol operations. Local residents scored Quiboloy for bulldozing ancestral lands in pursuit of his greedy desire to expand his prayer mountain and tourism project in Kahusayan, and even other villages in Brgy. Manuel Guianga.

“The land where Datu Domindor Diarog’s blood was spilled is the same land now being bulldozed by the same man who allegedly killed him,” said Diarog.

On April 29, 2008, armed men encircled and fired at the house of the Diarog family killing Datu Dominador Diarog and wounding his wife and two children. Datu Diarog refused to sell his land to village officials who reportedly acted as dummies on behalf of Pastor Quiboloy.

“We believe that the recent deployment of 84th IB elements proves how influential Quiboloy is in using for his vested interests the armed forces to secure his territorial expansion,” said Diolito Diarog, a Kahusayan leader and PASAKA Deputy Secretary General.

Pastor Quiboloy’s record of human rights violation based on cases filed at the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) included land grabbing and grave human rights violations that were allegedly committed by former Tamayong Barangay Captain Greg Canada.

Documented human rights reports since 1997 in Brgy. Manuel Guianga revealed that his private armies have been responsible for the killing, indiscriminate firing, arson and other criminal acts which sowed terror in the area and dislocated the lumad residents. These atrocities were also used to justify full-scale military operations.

PASAKA is now calling for the immediate intervention of the Davao City government and for the City Council to investigate the reported incidents in Sitio Kahusayan.

The City Council conducted an investigation a few years ago on the reported land dispute case as the motive in the killing of Datu Dominador Diarog in 2008 and the continued land grabbing by the “influential” group of Quiboloy. City Council resolutions ordered a status quo on “fencing” of lands grabbed by Quiboloy from the lumads, until the said lands were surveyed. But Quiboloy’s men only reinforced the fences they had built.

“Gipahilom lang gamay ang isyu unya ania nagsige og balik balik, nagsige man gihapon ang pagpanghasi,pagpanghulga sa mga lumulupyo diri ug klaro nga dili gyud ni sila moundang hangtod di nila mailog kanamo ang among yutang kabilin mao nga hangtod karon namuyo kami sa kawalay kasigurohan,” Diarog pointed out.

He also noted that it is evident that the recent deployment of soldiers under 84th IB is being used to sow terror among the people especially since these soldiers have forcibly recruited the local residents to join the Barangay Defense System. The military wanted to use the Lumads for its counter-insurgency campaign, Diarog said.

“The AFP has bastardized our culture, exploiting lumads while showing their bias for the influential, powerful and rich,” Diarog said.

“But despite these recent attacks on our human rights, we will never give up our struggle in regaining and defending our ancestral lands that our ancestors and Datu Doming Diarog have fought and died for. It has been three years now since his death but we are still asking for justice for Datu Doming Diarog and respect for the rights of the lumads,” Diarog said.

KSL together with PASAKA will commemorate Datu Doming Diarog’s death Anniversary with a series of activities starting next week.#

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  1. how could some people believe that quiboloy is the son of god and now claiming the god himself with this kind of killings?… i do believe people who believe quiboloy either brainwashed, or brain damage.. claiming to be a son of god clearly show that he is the ANTI CHRIST…blessed by the DEMON..itself.. For your reference READ THE BIBLE AND UNDERSTAND CAREFULLY…

  2. i don’t believed that kind of accusation to Pastor do what ever you wanted to make him bad but Pastor Quiboloy intentional to plant more tress to prevent flooding in that Mountain..if nothing proof will its better shut up. ..if the Person already dead will nothing you can do to make him alived again. jealosey is the main thing of accusation of nothing happend. have good day to every one for me to see is to beleievd if you are not see with your own eyes you don’t have to believed the gosseph.:)

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